Managing Director and CEO

Mr. SINGA DHEVAN is a Managing Director of sangamam co-operative. He have some other business like Construction, Export, Micro Finance and possesses several years of work experience in PE funding and investment banking domains as a seasoned Investment Banker with major banks like HDFC Bank, KVB, YES and ICIC Investment Bank. He took over the reins from his father and has driven Sangamam on an incredibly successful growth path. He follow the manthra "If You Belive Your Self, You Can Do Anything!."

Our Vision

Global banking has changed rapidly and Sangamam Co-Operative has worked hard to adapt to these changes. The bank looks forward to the future with excitement and a commitment to bring greater benefits to our customers and members. Sangamam co-operative will keeping pace with the changing environment. Sangamam has follow all culture to their sector.

Our Mission

The Sangamam co-operative establish and become the pioneer in co-operative movement through high quality and standards, member planner, service driven processes to prove the way for progressive India.

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